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Zeph Colombatto

Zeph Colombatto
Posted on: November 14, 2013: 13:30:14
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A ride on the Orient Express has been a dream trip since forever. We did our research, planned our outfits, and were ready to roll - until we realized it was ridiculously expensive! So we activated Plan B - a fancy subway ride on the J train to Williamsburg. Complete with crystal glasses, silverware, a nice bottle of red and pizza from Roberta's. Hear about the ride from the dudes in the campaign.

Zeph Colombatto

Name; Zeph Colombatto


Age; 23


Lives; Brooklyn


From where; Hawaii, California, New York



Q1: What do you do?

Take pictures, steal moments, record intimacy, document emotions.


Q2: Tell us about the shoot?

Quite a goofy concept, but we went with it and had a pretty good time.


Q3: How did you guys make everything work?

Always gotta go with the flow. I think there was usually someone's hand holding everything down just out of shot to make it work too haha.


Q4: What's the best memory from the day?

Meeting up before departure and having a nice breakfast at some place only people who work at GANT Rugger could find.

Q5: How was it to have pizza and wine in a subway car?

Strange. Pizza was fine. Usually I've drunken all the wine before getting on the subway though.


Q6: Did anything go wrong?

We had lookouts for the fuzz on duty while shooting so we could make sure we were covered. Otherwise things went pretty smoothly.


Q7: How bummed were you we couldn't afford to take you guys to on the real Orient Express

Super. I mean what a teas! But my birthday and Christmas are right around the corner... hint hint.


Q8: If you were to go on the real deal Orient Express what would you pack from the GANT Rugger PS14 collection?

Definitely that luxe robe, the gold buttoned blazer, tons of oxfords, and the crazy printed pants too.