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This is a Cookbook

This is a Cookbook
Posted on: October 23, 2013: 14:54:38
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Do you want to feast on the most delicious sandwiches the world has ever seen? Get drunk and whip up the most stupidly awesome late-night snacks? Learn to cook food that's so much better than frozen or microwaved garbage that friends will be paying you to cook for them? Stop reading rhetorical questions and start cooking for real? Then this is the cookbook for you.

This is a Cookbook

Recepies for real life

The Sussman Brothers have got the backs of twenty-somethings, who may be intimidated by the cast-iron skillet and opt for take-out as their culinary standby. Their books are designed to be go-to kitchen companions, with meals fit for one, two or many, and feature plans of attack for dinner parties. All of their recipes have easy-to-find ingredients with limited prep time and can be prepared in small kitchens. Chapters are organized by occasion, eating habits and time of day. If you want to increase your kitchen swag, each boasts a special project, like home-curing bacon, pickling, making pasta from scratch and mixing cocktails.


The cookbook will be sold in GANT Rugger stores this fall.

The Sussman Brothers

Eli Sussman is the sous chef at Mile End in Brooklyn. He was selected as a Zagat NYC 30 under 30 and named an Young Guns Finalist. He is on the board of Taste of the Nation NYC, a culinary tasting event benefiting the hunger charity Share Our Strength. Along with Max he is the co-author of two cookbooks and co-hosts a webseries for He also writes a weekly column critiquing food advertisements for


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