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Team Americano & Team Sweden

Team Americano & Team Sweden
Posted on: April 2, 2014: 12:16:45
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We are pretty fucking lucky to be pretty chummy with some super talented people - musicians, chefs, filmmakers and other bad-ass creative folks. We had the pleasure to hang out with some of these awesome dudes this summer. Some of them were old friends from our beloved Team Americano and some new faces that ended up as Team Sweden, bringing these two worlds together. We'll be posting more info on these guys here throughout the season, so keep an eye out and get ready to feel super lazy in comparison.

Team Americano & Team Sweden

Alex Kouznetsov – Sales Manager at Storelli Sports
Sebastian Siring – Working, playing soccer, and just living the dream
Robert Persson – Nightlife Director 
Selim Adira – Nightlife Director
Pablo Frisk – Photographer

Marcus Allen – Stylist
Sean Hotchkiss – Writer
Angus McIntosh – Co-Owner of Ennis McIntosh
Zeph Colombatto – Take pictures, steal moments, record intimacy, document emotions
Lawrence Schlossman – Writer