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Sebastian Siring

Sebastian Siring
Posted on: February 18, 2014: 22:11:04
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Name; Sebastian Siring
From; Gothenburg, Sweden
Team; Sweden

Sebastian Siring

Q1: What do you do?

I’m working, playing soccer, and just living the dream along with my friends and my girlfriend.


Q2: How did you end up in NYC?

I decided to take my undergrad here, been here ever since.


Q3: What’s your favorite part about NYC?

The diversity of people and cultures – the fact that I am meeting new, interesting, people every day.


Q4: Where do all the Swedes go in NYC?

Wherever the festivities are!


Q5: What’s the one question you get most about Sweden?

"Why are Swedes so tall?"


Q6: What do you think is the biggest misconception about Sweden?

People here tend to believe the climate in Sweden is comparable to the one of Antarctica. In reality, the weather in most of Sweden is very similar to the weather in New York.


Q7: What do you miss about Sweden?

My family, my friends, the food and Majorna (neighborhood in Gothenburg).


Q8: What do you think is the best part about Sweden?

There is nothing better than Swedish summers.


Q9: Best bits of Stockholm? Give us some tips.

Beijing 8 on Södermalm, best place in Stockholm to grab a beer with friends while eating super tasty dumplings. Try it!


Q10: Favorite piece from the SS14 collection?

The navy blue Hopsack Shawler and Hopsack Smarty Pants.