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Sean Hotchkiss

Sean Hotchkiss
Posted on: February 18, 2014: 8:48:34
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Name; Sean Hotchkiss
From; Maine/New York City
Team; Americano

Sean Hotchkiss

Q1: What do you do?



Q2: What’s your favorite thing about NYC?



Q3: What’s the one question you always get about NYC?

How can you live there?


Q4: What’s the one false assumption you always get about NYC and New Yorkers?

Everyone is mean.

Q5: What do you miss living in NYC?

The fucking trees.


Q6: Any tips for for folks visiting the city?

Look both ways when you cross the street.


Q7: Favorite piece from the SS14 collection?

The flower crowns, obviously. If you don't have a real one, the Midsummer Tee.