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Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen
Posted on: November 3, 2014: 10:06:36
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Name; Marcus Allen
From; Easton, MA
Team; Americano

Marcus Allen

Q1: What do you do?

NY based stylist & consultant.


Q2: What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

New York is a great city to be creatively inspired and stimulated - great sense of community in my field.


Q3: What’s the one question you always get about NYC?

"How would you compare to LA / Paris?"


Q4: What’s the one false assumption you always get about NYC and New Yorkers?

People elsewhere tend to think New Yorkers have great style - I think that's a generous statement.


Q5: What do you miss living in NYC?

Peels restaurant.


Q6: Give us some tips.

Always be comfortable in what you wear, be frank & tactful.


Q7: What do you think of Sweden and Stockholm?

As I've yet to visit Sweden/Stockholm - I can say that one of my closest friends is from Stockholm and is one of the most talented, genuine, altruistic and stylish person I've met.


Q8:The girls?

Lotta, Fifi, & Camilla - Luxe. Enough said.


Q9: What about midsummers?

Great non-sober fun.


Q10: Favorite piece from the SS14 collection?

The blue suede jacket - Vive la Su├Ęde.