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Posted on: January 4, 2014: 8:13:58
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Name; Angus McIntosh
From; Sydney, Australia
Team; Americano


Q1: What do you do?

I am the Co-Owner of Ennis McIntosh.


Q2: What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

There's always something to do and usually always somewhere to be.


Q3: What’s the one question you always get about NYC?

“What’s the best thing about NYC?” Haha!


Q4: What’s the one false assumption you always get about NYC and New Yorkers?

There is a false assumption that people whistle at cabs and yell "Taxii", but I haven't seen it happen once yet.

Q5: What do you miss most when you leave NYC?

I guess I’d say I miss the hustle the most.


Q6: Any tips for for folks visiting the city?

Make sure you stay in town longer than one week, don't walk slowly or randomly stop on busy sidewalks and most importantly, bars close at 4am but there's always somewhere else to go after.


Q7: Favorite piece from the SS14 collection?

The light blue Stick Boy Well Done jeans and the bomber jacket Vive La Suède.