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Alex Kouznetsov

Alex Kouznetsov
Posted on: October 2, 2014: 12:46:22
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Name; Alex Kouznetsov
From; Växjö, Sweden
Team; Sweden

Alex Kouznetsov

Q1: What do you do?

Manage Sales at Storelli Sports, a sports company I helped start up.


Q2: How did you end up in NYC?

School, soccer and the American dream…


Q3: What’s your favorite part about NYC?

The diversity, the pace and that there’s always something to do.


Q4: Where do all the Swedes go in NYC?


Q5: What’s the one question you get most about Sweden?

"Sweden? That’s right by the Alps right?”


Q6: What do you miss about Sweden?

Being close to Europe.


Q7: What do you think is the best part about Sweden?

The Swedish summer.


Q8: Favorite piece from the SS14 collection?

The Blue jacket with the orange lining. Vive la Suède.