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Rob Behnke

Rob Behnke
Posted on: August 8, 2013: 13:58:00
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Name; Rob Behnke
Age; 29
Lives; Brooklyn, NY
From where originally; Berlin, NJ
Family; a big one

Rob Behnke

Q1: What makes you tick, what are you passionate about?

Creativity, Music, Love, and Life. I'm an electronic music producer of 6 years (writing, playing keys, singing, mixing) and drummer of 14 years. Creating songs, creating beats, and creating a business are all one in the same to me. Making music allows me to stay balanced as an individual and stay FRESH.

Q2: What´s your job?

CEO and CoFounder of BKS.

Q3: How did you end up there?

When I moved to Brooklyn 6 years ago I was looking to make something awesome, but didn't know exactly what that would be. After studying business plan development while going for my MBA, I was searching for the seed of an idea. Matt and I were roommates for about 6 months when we threw an underground rock show / party one night in our basement. Matt made salsa for it and a mutual friend looked and pointed at both of us and said "You guys should start a salsa company." ...and then we did.

Q4: What’s a perfect Sunday like?

Waking up at noon, lazy brunch, and then writing and performing new music all day long.

Q5: Favorite song?

(nearly impossible question) Fila Brazillia - Airlock homes

Q6: Favorite dish?

Wild Salmon Sashimi

Q7: A tip?

Try the Burger at NorthEast Kingdom in Bushwick, Brooklyn and try and tell me you've had better.

Q8: Favorite place in the world?

New York City. Other places are great to visit and relax, but I only want to live in this city for the foreseeable future. Some people hate the hustle bustle. I thrive on it.

Q9: Favorite piece from the GANT Rugger FW13 collection?

That Blue blazer I wore during the day of the kings co distillery shoot.