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Leather Belt

The leather accessories program introduced by GANT Rugger for SS2012 is produced by Tärnsjö Tannery; a small family owned company situated 2 hours north of Stockholm, Sweden. Tärnsjö is one of very few remaining tanneries in Europe where the process is still 100 % organic and based on traditions and techniques going back to 1873. For the first 25 years, the company was run by only 2 people and in the early 1900's the company focused on equestrian equipment for local farmers. Tärnsjö is considered as one of the finest leather producers in the world and among others supply renowned Brooks with their saddle material, as well as a number of French Haute Couture brands with the finest leather for bags and other accessories.The unique process, which has basically stayed the same for 250 years, ensures the highest quality possible and leather that will age and wear beautifully.
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