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Noah Emrich

Noah Emrich
Posted on: November 27, 2013: 8:42:18
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A ride on the Orient Express has been a dream trip since forever. We did our research, planned our outfits, and were ready to roll - until we realized it was ridiculously expensive! So we activated Plan B - a fancy subway ride on the J train to Williamsburg. Complete with crystal glasses, silverware, a nice bottle of red and pizza from Roberta's. Hear about the ride from the dudes in the campaign.

Noah Emrich

Name; Noah Emrich


Age; 20


Lives; Brooklyn


From where; Massachusetts



Q1: What do you do?

I am a photographer, creative director of an independent publisher, and a design student.


Q2: Tell us about the shoot?

It was interesting, I take the J everyday so it felt very out of the ordinary for being so familiar with the train.


Q3: How did you guys make everything work?

We luckily had a few amazingly helpful hands to help out and make sure everything went as planned.


Q4: What's the best memory from the ride?

The absurdity of the crowded train car and us setting up a table with food and a chandelier.

Q5: How was it to have pizza and wine in a subway car?

Good, I think I start always bringing wine for my commute.


Q6: Did anything go wrong?

Well, we're all still alive so I think everything worked out fine.


Q7: How bummed were you we couldn't afford to take you guys to on the real Orient Express

Really pissed actually.


Q8: If you were to go on the real deal Orient Express what would you pack from the GANT Rugger PS14 collection?

Probably all of it, specifically that top coat. I also really like the plaid wrap sport coat, the mac, and the mohair cardigan.