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Yale Co-op

The first Gant shirts were worn by Yale students and professors. Their desire for a more comfortable and relaxed fashion helped make New Haven the hometown of both Gant and Yale the style capital of the entire East Coast collegiate world. Now we have returned to our roots. The Gant Campus store has opened a mere stone's throw from Yale. To celebrate our homecoming a legendary item the Yale Co-op shirt has been re-launched. Created exclusively for Yale the shirt remains true to the 1960's original. The Yale Co-op capsule collection will feature recreated OCBD (Oxford cloth button-down) designs from the brand's core collegiate-based replenishment program from the late 1960's. The shirt label is also true to the original with the Yale Co-op label in blue and the Gant Campus Store logo . The 100% cotton semi-lightweight Oxford cloth improves upon the original poly-blend fabric with great care given to washing and finishes.