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A pair of GANT shorts or swimwear is a pefect expression of our roots in the New England lifestyle. By the sea – together with our families, relatives, friends, horses, dogs, books, good food and wine – we have created the very essence of the good life. The GANT cargo short is an essential holiday item but is also a popular work wear item and is second only to our bermuda short in popularity.



  1. Casual Friday printed classic shorts

  2. Canvas shorts

    GANT Rugger
  3. Canvas shorts

    GANT Rugger
  1. Stickboy shorts

    GANT Rugger
  2. Ocean camo shorts

    GANT Rugger
  3. Waffle shorts

    GANT Rugger
  1. Comfort Twill Bermuda

  2. Comfort Twill Bermuda