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GANT Jackets are designed to protect from the elements and see you through the seasons. GANT has some classic staples, including our most popular Midlength Jacket, the three quarter length Double Decker Jacket (which features a detachable quilted gilet) and our most technical garment the Manhattan Double Jacket which is both windproof and showeproof with its fully taped seams and has as a detachable fleece. A Gilet continues to be a must-have, a great transitional garment.



  1. Lassy Jacket

    GANT Rugger
  2. The Hurricane Jacket

  3. Shearling Flyer

    GANT Rugger
  1. The Nubuck Double Decker

  2. The Detacher Coat

  3. The Rain Coat

  1. The Rain Coat

  2. The Rain Coat

  3. The Down Duffel Coat

  1. The Herringbone Coat

    GANT Rugger
  2. Laminated Coat

    GANT Rugger
  3. Laminated Coat

    GANT Rugger
  1. The MB Quilted Duffel Coat

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  2. The MB Topcoat

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  3. The MB Trenchcoat

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  1. Painter By The Sea Jacket

  2. The Spectator Coat

  3. The Harrison Coat

  1. The Harrison Coat

  2. The Harrison Coat

  3. The Faller Vest

  1. The Yoker Down Jacket

  2. The Barn Jacket

  3. The Barn Jacket

  1. The Bayside Jacket

  2. The Reverser Vest

    GANT Rugger
  3. Scruffy Pea Coat

    GANT Rugger
  1. The East Shore Vest

  2. The East Shore Vest

  3. Making Waves Vest

    GANT Rugger
  1. The Hunter Jacket

  2. The Hunter Jacket

  3. The Hunter Jacket

  1. The Walker Jacket

  2. The White Mountain Parka

  3. The White Mountain Parka

  1. The Rider Jacket

  2. The Windcheater Jacket

  3. The Windcheater Jacket

  1. The College Down Vest

  2. The Waxer Jacket

    GANT Rugger
  3. Wool Varsity Hoodie

    GANT Rugger
  1. Winter Parka

    GANT Rugger
  2. The Editor Jacket

  3. The Drive Jacket

  1. Ocean Camo Hoodie

    GANT Rugger
  2. Make Believes Jacket

    GANT Rugger
  3. The Cold Weather Parka

  1. The Leroy St Jacket

  2. The Bowery Jacket

  3. The Coaster Jacket

  1. The Mountainer Jacket

  2. The Hiker Parka

  3. The Preppy Down Jacket

  1. The Preppy Down Jacket

  2. The Preppy Down Jacket

  3. The Midlenght Jacket

  1. The Midlenght Jacket

  2. The Reversible Vest

  3. The Reversible Vest

  1. The Wayside Jacket

  2. The Wayside Jacket

  3. The Wayside Jacket

  1. The Gant Double Jacket

  2. The Gant Double Jacket

  3. The Cosy Quilter Jacket

  1. The Cosy Quilter Jacket

  2. The MB Down Vest

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  3. The MB Down Parka

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  1. The MB Motorcross Down Jacket

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  2. The Frenchie Jacket

    GANT Rugger
  3. The Woolshire Jacket

  1. The Winter Varisty Jacket

  2. The Duvet Puffer

  3. The Port Peacoat

  1. The Woodsman Jacket

  2. The New Hampshire Jacket

  3. The Double Decker Jacket

  1. The Double Decker Jacket

  2. The Double Decker Jacket

  3. The New England Jacket

  1. The New England Jacket

  2. The Rancher Vest

  3. The Rancher Vest

  1. Down Town Jacket

  2. Down Town Jacket