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GANT mens blazers go back to the 1950s where we supplied the Ivy League colleges. It's all about the detail on our blazers - look for common quality features such as; kissing buttons to show a hand finished garment, fully functional cuff buttons, hand effect stitching, contrast colour felting and stitching, luxurious lining and pull-out handkerchief lining. They can be worn for either a smart or casual look, team a blazer with an oxford button down shirt and coloured chino for classic preppy style.



  1. Check Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  2. Check Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  3. Waffle Unconstructed Blazer

  1. The Granpa Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  2. Sakiori 3/2 Roll Blazer

  3. The Foulard Sports Jacket

  1. The Writers Corduroy Blazer

  2. Casual Friday Blazer

  3. Casual Friday Blazer

  1. Casual Friday Blazer

  2. The Hopsack Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  3. The Hopsack Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  1. The Hopsack Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  2. The Grandpa 3/2 Roll Blazer

  3. Winter Jersey Unconstructed Blazer

  1. Winter Jersey Unconstructed Blazer

  2. The Cordster Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  3. Canvas Unconstructed Blazer

  1. Glencheck 3/2 Roll Blazer

  2. The Shawler Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  3. Glencheck Peak Lapel Blazer

  1. The Pinstripe Blazer

    GANT Rugger
  2. The Duster Blazer

  3. The Flannel Blazer

  1. The Faller Blazer

  2. The Hopsack Sports Jacket

  3. Herringbone Tweed Blazer

  1. Lambswool Blazer

  2. Pin Point Blazer

  3. Pin Point Blazer

  1. Heavy Cord Blazer

  2. Heavy Cord Blazer

  3. The MB Wool Herringbone Blazer

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  1. The MB Cord Blazer

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  2. The Moleskin Sports Jacket

  3. The Raw Edge Blazer

  1. The Raw Edge Blazer

  2. The Sunday Blazer

  3. The Tux Blazer

  1. Mr Glenn Checker Blazer

  2. Salt N´Pepper Blazer

  3. Salt N´Pepper Blazer

  1. The Cash Blazer

  2. The Fleetwood Jacket

  3. The Boiler Blazer

  1. Melange Herringbone Blazer

  2. The Moleskin Blazer

  3. The Countryside Blazer

  1. The Countryside Blazer

  2. Collegiate Jersey Blazer

  3. Collegiate Jersey Blazer

  1. Collegiate Jersey Blazer

  2. Wool Cashmere Blazer

  3. Casual Twill Blazer

  1. Casual Twill Blazer

  2. Casual Twill Blazer

  3. Sleeveless In Seattle Blazer

  1. The Herringbone Blazer

  2. Blackwatch Shirt Blazer

  3. Glencheck 3/2 Roll Blazer

  1. The MB Pinstripe Flannel Blazers

    GANT By Michael Bastian
  2. The MB Bennington Check Blazers

    GANT By Michael Bastian