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Max Sussman

Max Sussman
Posted on: October 30, 2013: 10:30:41
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Name: Max Sussman
Age: 30
Lives: Brooklyn NYC
From where originally: Detroit, MI

Max Sussman

Q1: What makes you tick, what are you passionate about?

I loove cooking delicious food and also dj-ing and dance music in general. Both take ingredientes from the world and make something new, in the form of food or music.


Q2: What´s your job?



Q3: How did you end up there?

The chef at summer camp threw out his back pulling a pot roast out of the oven and I was next in line. I threw out all the frozen food, started cooking everything from scrath and never looked back


Q4: What’s a perfect Sunday like?

Make a few cups of coffee, take my dog to the park, take a nap and eat some Chinese food. I'm a simple man.

Q5: Favorite song?

All that she wants by Wham


Q6: Favorite dish?

Of all time it would be hard to top a well executed ma po tofu.

Q7: A tip for a date?

Don't be afraid to really mess it up. The only way to get better is by making mistakes.

Q8: Favorite place in the world?

Sleeping bear dunes on Lake Michigan

Q9: Favorite piece from the GANT Rugger FW13 collection?

Canvas pants, I don't know how I wore other pants before these.