GANT Rugger Pre Spring 2014

J Train Lordz

J Train Lordz
Posted on: November 13, 2013: 15:20:21
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For the first time in its 130 year history, the legendary Orient Express train recently rolled into Stockholm on an all new route from Venice. Each of the train carriages has been restored to their former 1920’s Art Deco glory. It is simply amazing! To us it sounded like the dreamiest trip ever, a trip you just HAVE to do.

J Train Lordz

This whole new journey has inspired the GANT Rugger Pre Spring 2014 collection and our new set of early spring favorites combines two of the most contradictory things; Italian flamboyance and Scandinavian simplicity.

We did our research, planned our outfits, packed our suitcases and were ready to roll - until we realized it was ridiculously expensive!!! So we activated Plan B - a fancy subway ride on the J train over the Williamsburg Bridge. Complete with crisp white linens, crystal glasses, a nice bottle of red and pizza from Roberta's.

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