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GANT Fall/Winter 2013

An inviting home is a lived-in one. Where it’s not perfectly tidy but beautiful in its relaxed chaos. It’s a home inhabited by citizens of the world – those who seek experiences in the exotic, and who always bring home a part of the journey. These special trinkets, books and photos are part of what gives a home character and warmth. It’s a place where family and friends happily gather for big celebrations or intimate dinners. The home is where we all come to taste good food and to enjoy cherished company.

Comfortable, soft textiles are an easy way of bringing warmth and atmosphere into your home, the sanctuary for you and your family. GANT Home offers textiles and fabrics that will age with you; that deepen in color or get softer as the years pass. When creating our new collections, we build on colors and fabrics from collections past. It makes it easy to find new pieces to match your cherished older ones, so that you can go on building your home, step by step. Welcome home, and welcome to GANT Home.

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