Collection: Unkempt Sprezzatura

Designer Christopher Bastin on GANT Rugger F/W 12.

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    Food is important. Sure, fashion is important as well, but hey – perfectly crisp, triple-cooked fries? Pasta Pomodoro done from scratch using sunripe tomatoes still on the twig? Now that’s a whole different ballpark. Yet to us, the two are intimately connected.

    Closest to any good restaurateur’s heart is the well-being of the guest and the minute attention to detail. We care just as much about the feel, look and taste of our collection as any good chef does about his fresh produce and keeping his "Mise en place" in order.

    Gant Rugger Fall Winter 12

    This season revolves around two characters – the Chef and the Owner – and of course their friends, all hanging out at the best joint in NYC. Just like GANT Rugger, this place is based on tradition, knowledge, craftsmanship and the internal drive to take its past and turn it into something even better. Basically, our archives have become our equivalent to the finding their grandmother’s recipes.

    The GANT Rugger chef’s "Mise en place" consists of heavier fabrics – durable and toned down in color. Call it the new workwear for 2012. Flannels, wools, denim and canvas, along with must-have selvage aprons that are worn-in to perfection. We’ve even gone as far as producing our own custom-made chef’s knife.

    The characters however require a bit more swag. This leads us into a territory we call “Unkempt Sprezzatura”. Sporting a genuine East Coast vibe, while still drawing heavily from both our archives and our heritage, we keep reinterpreting the world around us. The addition of a more cosmopolitan air to our American Sportwear roots ensures our guests´ well-being long after closing hours.

    Gant Rugger Fall Winter 12

    Flowery scarves, bold accents and unexpected colorations set this collection apart from any other. Leaving plenty of room for more eccentric styling and personal details. Pinstripe Italian wool suits, silk scarves, double breasted coats and tons of finely made sports coats. Unlike fashion, style is not a set of rules to be followed. Style is what makes you feel comfortable, it grows on you over time. Style is something that evolves, as does GANT Rugger.

    It’s an Unkempt Sprezzatura – that could only derive from a true interest in style but, like a good dinner, could never become overdone or pretentious.

    Dinner is served!

    Christopher Bastin

    Christopher Bastin was born in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. He started his career in the fashion industry in 1992 at the Swedish denim hotspot, Solo. Christopher held various positions at H&M, Whyred and Acne as Product Manager and buyer, before joining GANT in 2005, when he began his design career in earnest. His first mission was to design a men’s shirt range. Working alongside several industry veterans, he learned the trade of fabric and garment design – kindling his passion for American Sportswear.

    Christopher is currently the designer for GANT Rugger, which was re-launched under his direction with the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. He is now truly a living encyclopedia of American Sportswear heritage.

    Christopher Bastin
    GANT Rugger Fall/Winter 12 GANT Rugger Fall/winter 12

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