Creative Director Christopher Bastin

CD Christopher Bastin


Say hello to Christopher Bastin, Creative Director of GANT

Christopher joined GANT in 2005 and worked as the company’s lead shirt designer until 2009 when he became head of design for the GANT Rugger label that was successfully re-launched under his direction. Now as he takes on the role as Creative Director for the whole of GANT, he is responsible for providing seasonal inspiration and design direction for all collections. Earlier in his career Christopher held various position at Acne, Whyred and H&M. He is a living encyclopedia of American Sportswear and has a true passion for the GANT heritage.

What are you most looking forward to as Creative Director?

The fact that we're a lifestyle brand, with watches, interior, fragrance, shoes and eyewear. It's amazing having all these tools to work with, trying to paint "the big picture" in a way that feels unique to GANT. And working with womens wear, it's a completely different dynamic. There are so many more fabrics, silhouettes and items to work with.

Who are your heroes?

My wife Hanna, without her I wouldn't be where I am today; my two daughters and my big brother. In "the world of style" there are the constant icons such as Steve McQueen, Clark Gable etc., but there's a few guys that always come to mind when talking about American Sportswear, game-changers like Thom Browne and Band of Outsiders. And Michael "Basty" Bastian of course. Honorary shout outs to my mentors at GANT, Klas Käll and DirkJan Stoppelenburg. And, since I'm a guy who believes in good karma and not being all "bizniz" about stuff, it just feels weird not to mention Ralph Lauren.

Tell us 10 things every man should have in his wardrobe?

  • Cordovan Shoes
  • "Cashmere blend socks for fall. (Summer = no socks)"
  • Khakis / Chinos
  • Perfect pair of jeans
  • "Oxford button down shirts, light blue and white"
  • Madras button down shirt
  • Rep Tie
  • Light weight cashmere crewneck, navy
  • Navy Club Blazer
  • "A vintage 1968 Porsche Targa is always helpful"



What's your hidden talent?

I'm a pretty OK cook. It's not very hidden I guess… I also play the piano well enough for people to say "Wow, I didn't know you played piano!" at parties.


I couldn't find the perfect teeshirt so we made it ourselves. Single '50s yarn, a slightly cropped sleeve and a perfectly sloppy crew neck. You know it's a good tee when people pay you compliments over a simple white teeshirt; there's something special about it. I have like 20 of them.


It is just the bomb. We developed this fabric with our weaver in India. We basically used the same yarns and constructions as we normally use in our Madras checks, but asked them to make a weft chambray on a narrow selvage loom instead.



An old man's coat fully lined with fake fur. Pimp meets Prep, next level steez.