GANT - Fall/Winter 12 - American Style

Collection: American Style

About our Fall/Winter 12 collection.

  • American Style

    Iconic pieces in an iconic city – an unbeatable match. Nowhere else does it feel so natural to put on your favorite chinos and tweed jacket and head out for a long, unplanned day – a real New York City day.

    American Style

    Manhattan may be known for it’s clear blue skies, but the wind blows hard down its wide avenues. All the more reason to add another layer “American Style”: a knitted sweater in Shetland wool, and a down vest over the tweed jacket supply both vital warmth and the essential look. The style and the city, the two are inseparable.

    This fall, we return, as so many times before, to Manhattan, where Bernard Gant first stepped ashore in 1914. 35 years later, in 1949, he set up a shop in his own name, little knowing that he was laying the foundations of a global heritage we continue to build on to this day.

    The latest collection proves the point – Casual style sits comfortable with elegance, expressed in the timeless fashion we have been defining and refining more than 60 years.