Collection: The Lucky Ones

Michael Bastian on his new collection Fall/Winter 12.

  • The lucky ones

    I’m very happy and proud to present the Fall/Winter ’12 GANT by Michael Bastian collection for both men and women. This season is probably one of the closest and most personal since it’s based on my own personal memories and experiences of living in Boston while I went to University there; the friends I made, and the unique style of the time (mid ’80s) that seemed to be a perfect balance of classic preppy, sports utility (it’s cold there in the winters) and the fashion influences inspired by the MOD revival that was happening at the time.

    Michael Bastian Map This season is probably one of the closest and most personal sice it's based on my own personal memories.

    There’s also another layer to the collection – the idea of luck and the concept of ’today is my lucky day’. Looking back, despite the fact that we were all broke college students, I think we always felt we were very lucky to be together and sharing these experiences in this great city. And that feeling of being lucky – of being blessed somehow – has stuck with me since that time. I’m also a big believer in certain objects possessing a kind of good energy, whether it’s a sweater, a pair of socks or even a lucky coin that you keep in your pocket all the time; not necessarily to pull luck towards you while you sit passively, but more as a reminder to be open to the good things in the world that are out there just waiting for you to discover – a kind of friendly talisman reminding you that luck is what you make of it. In that spirit, we’ve created a special coin that is on every hangtag on every piece of clothing in the collection.

    Michael Bastian FW12

    I hope you save it, put it in your pocket or on your key ring and let it remind you that luck is always around the corner if you just look for it. We are all in control of our own destinies; we just sometimes need a little reminder in this crazy hectic world that beauty and happiness are out there – sometimes just laying on the sidewalk like a lost penny, waiting for you to pick it up. So go out and find it, whatever that might mean to you. Here’s hoping that today is your lucky day too.

    Michael Bastian