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Colin Spoelman

Colin Spoelman
Posted on: October 10, 2013: 13:14:58
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Name; Colin Spoelman
Age; 34
Lives; New York, West Village
From where originally; Harlan, Kentucky
Family; Older Brother, Younger Sister, Mom and Dad; nephew “Sidewinder” Bill. Fiancée Ry.

Colin Spoelman

Q1: What makes you tick, what are you passionate about?

I’m into history and storytelling, especially where those two intersect, which happens to pair nicely with whiskey.


Q2: What´s your job?

Master Distiller at Kings County Distillery


Q3: How did you end up there?

I started moonshining in my apartment, eventually it became a business.


Q4: What’s a perfect Sunday like?

Driving anywhere out of the city; you can get pretty far in an afternoon.


Q5: Favorite song?

Daddy’s Moonshine Still, Dolly Parton

Q6: Favorite drink?


Q7: A tip?

Green-Wood Cemetery, founded in 1838, is the quietest place in NYC.

Q8: Favorite place in the world?

I never had my own car growing up, and only got one when someone gave the distillery a 20-year old Geo Metro; anywhere in that car is good for me.

Q9: Favorite piece from the GANT Rugger FW13 collection?

The cable-knit sweater I wore at the shoot.