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Casey Gilbertson

Casey Gilbertson
Posted on: September 26, 2013: 12:53:12
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Name; Casey Gilbertson
Age; 29
Lives; Brooklyn, NY
From where originally; Houston, TX
Family; I’m the oldest of 4, with 2 Brothers and a Sister. My Mother and Father are happily married in South Dakota

Casey Gilbertson

Q1: What makes you tick, what are you passionate about?

I am very passionate and absorbed by nature, food and finding a more sustainable approach to living and eating. For a long time people have been getting pushed further and further away from our elementary connection to earth, which we all need in order to stay healthy and happy. Concepts like gardening, making food at home and knowing where your food comes from seem so simple, yet so many are far removed from that truth. There is an awakening happening now centered on food. Principles like honesty and integrity in our food system are taking precedent over profits and short cuts. People are seeking fresh, organic options and cooking from scratch with food from their gardens again, and it’s really awesome to be a part of this time. Luckily I have a job where I get to use my passion for nature and food every day; Whether its helping out in the fields, shaking the hand of an honest, hard working farmer or cooking in the Kitchen, I’m living my dream.


Q2: What´s your job?

Director of Operations @bksalsa.


Q3: How did you end up there?

I was a buyer/importer of fresh-cut flowers and about 4 years ago a good friend of mine, Matt Burns, called me and asked if I wanted to help bring BK Salsa to the market. I didn’t need much convincing, probably 3 weeks after that I bought a one-way ticket for NYC and haven’t looked back.

Q4: What’s a perfect Sunday like?

Spicy Bloody Marys, Late Brunch, Beach. In that order.


Q5: Favorite song?

Georgia On My Mind. Performed By Willie Nelson.

Q6: Favorite dish?

Fish Tacos and Fresh Salsa.

Q7: A tip?

Don’t be afraid to take the risk.

Q8: Favorite place in the world?

I can’t give up my ultimate favorite, a man from there told me I could never tell anyone about it. It’s somewhere in Mexico though.

Q9: Favorite piece from the GANT Rugger FW13 collection?

The "Wax Your Back" jacket with the sweet lining.