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Brooklyn Luxè

Brooklyn Luxè
Posted on: August 8, 2013: 8:52:22
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Gant Rugger has become all about the people closest to us, finding inspiration in them and their family tree. It's about dressing the people that inspire us. - Christopher Bastin, Creative Director

Brooklyn Luxè

For Fall/Winter 2013, we wanted to take it back to the East Coast, keeping that "sprezzy but messy" look we've perfected, but also give a loving nod to that "Upstate Chill" that makes American Sportswear so special during the winter months.

Still keeping food on our mind (read: obsessing about it), we decided to get closer to the product and manufacturing side, just as we do when we work on our own collection. To find this "Upstate Chill" we traveled as far north as ... Brooklyn.

Yeah yeah, we know what you're thinking and it doesn't matter. The amount of passion, knowledge and cool we found in BK was insane. How about this for a line up:

Colin and David from Kings County Distillery, two Yalies who distilled the first (legal) whiskey in New York City since prohibition

Matt, Rob and Casey of The Brooklyn Salsa Company, who love punk rock and produce true, tasty salsas with the genius motto "Take the lid off." 

Max and Eli Sussman, two brothers who embody everything we love about food, cooking and style. Keeping it simple and tasty, just the way we like it.

What's not to love? The GANT Rugger family is growing, and it's Brooklyn Luxè all the way, baby.