Andrew Jenks

It's About a Girl

The Series

  • Introducing It's About A Girl, the new web series written, directed, and starring award-winning filmmaker and MTV star, Andrew Jenks. The series chronicles the fantasy vs. reality scenario of a usually timid main character, played by Jenks, as he decides to "go for it" with a series of intimidating, smart, and beautiful women, answering the question on every man's mind - "What If...?" Often explored through his imagination, viewers follow an evolving journey from flirtatious first encounters to first dates to a life-altering proposal. The series also shows the far less fantasized version of events, where Andrew suffers rejection and loss. Jenks’ main love interest is played by actress and YouTube sensation Taryn Southern.

    Andrew is wearing GANT Rugger exclusively throughout the film as he explores his 'Fantasy' vs 'Reality' of finding the girl of his dreams. Check back here every Tuesday morning as each new chapter is released in the 8 part series. You can also follow along on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtags #JenksInLove and #GantRugger.